Vista Waves

Vista Waves

Striking themes for fans of the Windows operating system


  • Attractive background image
  • Transparent Start Menu bar


  • Garish colors

Not bad

Windows Vista has had more than its fair share of critics, but the operating system isn't all bad. Many will agree that the design and use of the Windows logo these days is much classier, and this theme attempts to recreate this on your Pocket PC.

The main element of the Vista Waves theme is, of course, its background image. The image is based fairly loosely around the Vista logo and the shiny, wavy effect that appears in Microsoft's latest operating system. It's quite pretty and is dark enough to allows the white next on the Today Screen display clearly.

Vista Waves also adds a transparent Start menu bar to Windows Mobile, as well as altering the colors of the top and bottom menu bars. Personally, I found this new purplish color a little too bright and loud and looking at it for too long will probably wear your eyes out.

If you're a hardcore Windows fan, Vista Waves will help you display your loyalty to the OS on your Pocket PC.

Vista Waves


Vista Waves

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